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Free Download Ebook : Tiada Khalifah Tanpa Tauhid dan Jihad

To those who are misguided and wrong way street and then they think that they are above the truth ...
To those who have wasted and the ability time - in the crooked streets again wrong - without benefits or in order ...!
To those who make mischief and do not make repairs, then they think that they have done as well as possible or that they are on the doors of Islam ...!
To the young man who misled the Hizb ut-Tahrir seek the truth as far from ta'ashshub to them hizb and to arbabul Hizb ...!
To the seeker of truth and propositions - whatever among them - while far from the whims ta'ashshub passion, character and party ...!
To them everything I dedicate this book as may he expects them to be because of the guidance and ...
and guidance of the Almighty to guide people He will ...

Original Title
"Way of Life Started Islamiy Khilafah and the rule
Match Rosyidah Guide Book and Sunnah "
Shaykh Abu Halimah Bashir Abdul Mun'im Mushthofa
At-Tarthusi Hafidzahulloh
Title Translation
Gone Without Tawhid And Jihad Caliphate
Interpreter *
Abu Sulaiman Al-Sijn Fakallohu Asroh
Media And Assessment Division
Al-Qo'idun Group
Jama Mojahedin sympathizers
Language : Indonesia

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