Friday, May 21, 2010

Coreldraw X4 Tutorials - Best Design Tutorials : Free Download

Found a link to a great CorelDraw tutorial ?
Follow this tutorial and you'll see how easy it can be to create just about ...

1. understanding the terminology
before you get started with coreldraw, you should be familiar wit the
following term.
2. creating a layout
3. victorizing images
in this tutorial, you will trace a bitmap image of a company logo and convert it
to a vector image destined for commercial printing as a spot color print job.
4. creating a logo
in this tutorial, you will learn how
to set up a costum page size
to use the artistic media tool
to use the shape tool
to duplicate objects
to mirror objects
5. merging grapichs and text
in this tutorial, you will perform a print merge, wich lets you apply
personalized text to the same design. this is a
great time-saver when creating invitation, labels or, as in this tutorial, business cards.
6. fundamentals of design
Fundamentals of design by Gordon group
see the basic principles of page layout in action w hile learning
how to create an effective visual presentation of your ideas
7. creating realistic work
by Ariel Garaza Diaz
Learn how to use the mesh fill to create subtle realistic detail
in natural and artificial objects
8. logo design and air brushing
by vaughn warren
follow the workflow of creating a logo, beginning with the initial
sketches and ending with the final airbrushed floor mural
9. anatomy of a salmon fly
by aleksy pawluczuk
see the precision and passion that go into creating a detailed graphic
representation of a salmon fish
10. textile of a pattern design

by anna maria lopez lopez
learn how to create textile patterns, save costum pattern fills, and
preview your fashion design on virtual models.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free Download Ebook : OReilly Website Optimization Jul 2008

About Website Optimization

Do you remember when an optimized website was defined as one that didn't take all day to appear? Well, times have changed. Today, website optimization can spell the difference between the success and failure of your enterprise, and it takes a lot more know-how to achieve. This book is a comprehensive guide to the techniques and methods of website optimization. From increasing site traffic to maximizing leads, from revving up responsiveness to increasing reliability, from prospect retention to closing more sales, the world of 21st century website optimization is explored, exemplified, and explained here.

With Website Optimization Secrets you'll learn the secrets of website success, including:
1. Search engine optimization best practices
2. Pay-per-click optimization techniques
3. Real world case studies
4. How to optimize your conversion rates
5. Web page optimization tips
6. CSS optimization tricks including CSS sprites, drop down menus, and CSS shorthand
7. Ajax optimization techniques that clean your code and improve robustness
8. Advanced web tuning techniques, including HTTP compression, caching, and URI rewriting
9. Website optimization metrics to measure and progressively improve success metrics

Website Optimization:
Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets (Paperback)
Author : Andrew B. King
Pages: 367
UPC: 636920515081
EAN: 9780596515089
Due: July 16, 2008 (now available)

This book also discusses all things related to the Website Optimization, you will regret it if you do not read it. please download the book download here

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free Download Ebook : Tiada Khalifah Tanpa Tauhid dan Jihad

To those who are misguided and wrong way street and then they think that they are above the truth ...
To those who have wasted and the ability time - in the crooked streets again wrong - without benefits or in order ...!
To those who make mischief and do not make repairs, then they think that they have done as well as possible or that they are on the doors of Islam ...!
To the young man who misled the Hizb ut-Tahrir seek the truth as far from ta'ashshub to them hizb and to arbabul Hizb ...!
To the seeker of truth and propositions - whatever among them - while far from the whims ta'ashshub passion, character and party ...!
To them everything I dedicate this book as may he expects them to be because of the guidance and ...
and guidance of the Almighty to guide people He will ...

Original Title
"Way of Life Started Islamiy Khilafah and the rule
Match Rosyidah Guide Book and Sunnah "
Shaykh Abu Halimah Bashir Abdul Mun'im Mushthofa
At-Tarthusi Hafidzahulloh
Title Translation
Gone Without Tawhid And Jihad Caliphate
Interpreter *
Abu Sulaiman Al-Sijn Fakallohu Asroh
Media And Assessment Division
Al-Qo'idun Group
Jama Mojahedin sympathizers
Language : Indonesia

to read more of the book just click download

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