Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free Download eBOOk : web professional dasar

In the virtual world (internet) we know a few terms of web, www, websites, web pages, and the homepage. To the clouds, the term could be interpreted the same. There are some communities we list the complete address with a particle, such as
homepage: www.toolkits.com or website: www.desain2u.com or site address:
www.entahkenapa.com and others. to read more it download the book just click tag below.

This book also discusses all things related to the web site, you will regret it if you do not read it. please download the book download here

Title : web professional dasar
Language : Indonesia

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Free Download eBOOk : The Scales of Allah

The Scales of Allah

By the martyred Imam
‘Abdullah ‘Azzam
(may Allah have Mercy on him)
Original title: Al-Mawaazinu Rabbaaniyyah
Language : English

“…This is the cream of the people. Search for it. Live with it. Travel with it as your guide and under its leadership. Worship Allāh by way of the light that you see and hear from them…”
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FREE Download eBOOk : Umar bin Khattab

Umar ibn al-Khattab's leadership for more than ten years as Amirulmukminin, as leader and head of government, with the achievements he had accomplished it seems unique, if we read step by step journey of his life, and quite impressive.
Umar as Caliph not just heads of state and head of government, the more he was a leader of people. He was close to his subjects, he placed himself as one of
them, and very concerned about their personal lives.

Role in the society of ignorance before he converted to Islam, his personality
as an Arab man and then as a Muslim. As a student and friend of the Prophet, the Prophet and her social with friends the other, until his role as chief country, his character is hard and soft, with all the responsibilities responsibility and simplicity of private life and family, is exemplary standard of hard to find appeal in history.
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Translated from Arabic by Ali Audah
Third Edition
By Muhammad Husayn Haykal
eBooks by Nurul Huda in one volume MR.
Original title: Al-Faruq 'Umar.
"A profound example of the growth of Islam and its sovereignty
period "
Language : Indonesia

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Free eBook : Mankinds Debt To The Prophet

A short throughly refrenced work, highlighting the lasting impact of the Prophet (saw), upon every society and culture of man.

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